Umapped has a Vendor Database that includes profiles for 100,000+ hotels, cruises, airlines, airports, etc. 

You can manage your own customized vendor profiles by either.

A Vendor's Profile is where you can access any information already available in our database (address information, photos and more) but it is also where you can add your own vendor information and save it!

A. Editing existing vendor profiles from the Umapped Vendor Database

B. Creating new vendor profiles 

C. Importing the new vendor into an itinerary

A. Editing existing vendor profiles

When you edit an existing vendor's profile from the Umapped Vendor Database, the changes you make will be saved in your company account. This means that the next time you go to use that vendor, you do not have to re-edit their profiles - your customized profile is available!

To see full instructions on how to customize vendor profiles please see here.

To access the vendor database, click on Vendors from the top menu bar in your Umapped account.

Please note, any vendors edited or created will have ** beside them when adding them into a booking as shown below. 

B. Creating new vendor profiles 

Please see here for full instructions on how you can create your own vendor profile in Umapped for easy re-use across itineraries! 

C. Importing the Vendor into an itinerary 

Step 1: Click on Add Booking, and select Add Accommodation

Step 2: Type the vendor's name into the Name Field and select the option from the drop-down.

Step 3: Once you have added your Check-In and Check-Out times, you can select to Save

For further assistance please contact