Create, store and manage content and information in your Umapped Library.

Follow along below to learn:

    A. How to create a new Document

    B. How to add Pages to a Document

A. How to create a new Document 

1. Click on Library on the top menu bar of your account 

2. Click on New Document

3. Enter the Document details and information 


A document can contain many pages of content. 

Choosing a title that is inclusive of all the pages of content is recommended. 

Document Type

This describes what the document contains and/or what the pages within it can be used for. 

The options for document type include: Country Guide, City Guide, Tour Guide, Activity Guide, General, Company Information.


This space is where you can add an introduction to the document. This can be used to describe or outline Pages in the document.

A tag can be added to a document to easily search and sort documents. If you want to add a document to a trip, you can use the tag to search for it.
Make Document Private

To hide documents from other agents in your company, check off Make Document Private. 
Please note that Company Administrators and other agents in your working group will still be able to see your documents.
Cover Photo 

A cover photo can be added to the document. For instructions on adding a photo, please see here.

B. How to add Pages to a Document

1. Click on the + Add Pages button and select from:

    A. + Add a New Page
  • Add text, photos, clickable links and/or videos to create a new Page to your Document

    B. + Add Existing Page
  • Make a copy of an existing Page from another Document

    C. + Add External Content 
  •  Search and add 3rd party content | Full instructions here