There are 4 places to add photos to a trip:

A) Trip itinerary cover photo 

B) Vendor profiles

C) Itinerary Content

D) Documents

A) Trip Itinerary Cover Photo

Step 1: In Step 1: Trip Info, click on Upload.

Step 2: Select from one of the following options:

     - Search Image Library (wiki image library available to all Umapped users)

     - Search Web

     - Upload Photo (from your computer)

To learn more about these options, please see here.

B) Vendor Profiles 

Add photos to vendor profiles for accommodations, activities, cruises, etc. 

Step 1: From within a booking, select the blue edit icon (blue pencil icon).

Step 2: Click on Add A Photo.

If you do not see the Add a Photo button, you must first click Create. Once the vendor's profile is created, the Add a Photo button will appear. Once you have added a photo, ensure you select to Update and Save your work in the vendor profile.

C) Itinerary Content

Add Content is available at the top of the itinerary and next to each date in the itinerary.

Step 1: Select Add Content and then New Content.


Step 2: Enter a Title and any content in the Note section and click Save.

**You can also enter a Date and Time for this New Content, however, refer to Step 3 below for more details about New Content placement in the itinerary. Please note, a title must be entered for content to be saved.



Step 3: To add Photos to the New Content, select the Add a Photo button and follow the instructions.

**The ability to add photos, videos and links will only be available once you click Save.



Step 4: Click Save.

To learn more about adding content to a trip itinerary, please see here.

D) Documents 

Within a Document, you have the option to add:

1. Document cover photo

2. Photos to each page of the Document

1. Document cover photo (see part A above for more information)

2. Photos to each page of the Document

Step 1: Once you create your Document, click Add A New Page.

Step 2: Give the new page a Title and click Create.

Step 3: Select Add a Photo from the bottom of the page.

For further assistance please contact