The Custom Document feature includes the ability to search for 3rd party destination content on a list of pre-selected travel websites. Follow the steps below to search for destination content and recommendations to add to the Document.  

To learn more about customizing a document, please see here.

Please note, the website content will be sourced and therefore the content from these sites cannot be edited. You can add additional content by selecting Add A New Page or Add Existing Page.

Step 1: From within Step 3. Documents of a trip, select Create

Step 2: Select the Add Pages and Add External Content.


Step 3: Enter the city or destination with keywords describing the content you are looking to add (e.g. Hawaii restaurants), select the websites to search from of the available sites and then select Search. To review the content and have the option to add it to the custom document select View Content.

Step 3: Review the content and if appropriate, select Add to Document or to go back to the prior screen and review other available 3rd party content, select the Back button.

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