When you select Add Content in Step 2: Itinerary, you have two options:

A. Add New Content

This is available at the top of the itinerary and next to each date in the itinerary

Step 1: Select '+ Content' and then 'Content Note'

Step 2: Enter a title and any content in the note section and click Save.

You can also enter a Date and Time for this New Content, however, refer to Step 3 below for more details about New Content placement in the itinerary.

Step 3: If this New Content is associated with a particular Booking, select this Booking from the link to the booking drop-down menu.
**This will ensure that your New Content is placed after the Booking in the itinerary.

Step 4: To add Photos, Videos or Links to the New Content, select the appropriate button and follow instructions.

** The ability to add photos, videos and links will only be available once you have clicked Save after giving your Content note a Title.

Step 5: Click Save

B. Copy a Page from your Documents

Step 1: Select '+ Content' and then 'Copy a Page From Your Documents'

Step 2: Use the Keyword search to find the Page you want to add to the trip itinerary. Once you have found the Page click Copy.

Step 3: After clicking Copy you will have the chance to edit the Page 

You can:
- Enter new text or edit existing text
- Format text
- Link this Page to a Booking
- Add Photos, Videos, or Links

Step 4: You can 'drag and drop' your Page to the desired spot in the itinerary

For further assistance please contact support@umapped.com