You can invite colleagues and third parties (agents, suppliers, vendors, tour operators, etc.) to collaborate on your Trips.


Collaborators can be assigned various degrees of access to your Trips (to review only, to Publish to clients, etc.) without having an existing Umapped account.

How to invite a trip collaborator

Step 1: From Step 1: Trip Information, click 'Add Collaborator'

Step 2: Enter the collaborator's email or Umapped username and click 'Search'. The collaborator does not need to be an existing Umapped user.

Step 3: Assign your collaborator their trip Access Level, add a Note which they will receive in the invitation email, and click 'Share Trip'

Your collaborator will now receive an email inviting them to collaborator on this trip with instructions on how to access the trip.

Step 4: To manage co-branding of the itinerary, click on 'Share with Travel Professionals' under Step 5: Publish.

From here, you can select which logo(s) and contact information you would like to display on the itinerary.

 For Collaborators

Please see the below solutions for agents who have been invited as collaborators on trip itineraries in Umapped

A. Agents with Contribute and Publish Access permission

B. Agents with Full Access permission

For further assistance please contact