When adding photos to your Umapped itinerary, you always have several methods to choose from. 

A. Upload Photo

B. Search Web

C. Search Image Library

D. Hotel Photos

To read about where you can add photos in you Umapped itinerary, click here.

**Hotel Photos are available when you are adding photos to a hotel vendor profile. See here for full instructions.

A. Upload Photo

Upload a photo from your computer:

Step 1: Select the 'Upload Photo' tab

Step 2: Click 'Choose File' and then search your computer for the photo file you would like to upload

Step 3: Click 'Upload'

Image sizing

Orientation: Landscape
Minimum width: 750 pixels 

Photo Aspect Ratio: 4:3

File size: up to 1MB

We recommend image resolutions to be a minimum of 300 DPI

B. Search Web

There are two ways to search the web for a photo:

1. Search a website

  • copy the site's address 
  • enter a keyword (for example: photo, picture, gallery)
  • click Search

2. Copy an image URL

  • find an image you want to add from the internet
  • right-click on the image and select 'Copy Image URL' or 'Copy Image Address'
  • paste the URL into the Website field and click Search
  • the photo will appear below the Search button - double click to add the photo!

** When adding photos from the internet, we recommend choosing photos of the same orientation and size. This will help ensure that the photos appear similar in your trip itinerary

For further assistance please contact support@umapped.com