Use the guidelines below to help determine why your official email confirmation has not been successfully added to your Umapped trip. We are always improving this feature - please see here to review our recently updated instructions!

Please note, if the confirmation you forwarded was unsupported or unrecognized (you can see the status of your emails in your (API Email Activity Dashboard), the contents of the email will be added as a content block in Step 2: Itinerary. You can edit the content note by selecting the pencil in the top right corner of the content block, or delete the the content by selecting the trash can. Please review this information if you are unsure why the content of your email was not successfully added as bookings to your trip.

After you have followed these instructions, please review the following additional questions:

1. Is the email confirmation from a supported supplier (source)?  

Please ensure the confirmation email was from one of the suppliers on this list.

2. Did you send the email confirmation from your email address that is linked to your Umapped account?

This is the email address that appears on all itineraries. Please email if you are unsure what email address you have linked to your Umapped account.

3. Was the email you sent an automated confirmation that has not been altered?  

Anything forwarded from another email address, not automated from the supplier, includes any additional information (e.g. email signatures), or altered in any way (e.g. highlighting) may not work.

If you have confirmed the list above, please try the following solutions one at a time:

1. Check your Pending Trips

Your email may have created a new trip. Please check under "My Pending Trips" under the "Trips" tab as shown below. If your email created a new trip, you can merge the bookings and documents into the trip you were already working on. Please see instructions here.

2. Forward the confirmation as an attachment

Please take the original confirmation email and forward as an attachment. Find the Menu option, usually under Message or More and click Forward As Attachment, see image below.


 If you need help forwarding your email as an attachment, please email us at

3. If the email has an attachment, add #parse to the subject line of your email.

Add #parse to the end of the email subject line. For example, if the subject line of the email is "Mexico 2016", change it to "Mexico 2016 #parse".

4. Leave subject line untouched

Leave the original subject line of the booking confirmation as the subject line when forwarding the email. Your email will create a new trip; you can merge the bookings and documents into the trip you were already working on. Please see instructions here.

For further assistance please email