You can track your API Email Activity on your account Dashboard. This feed provides you with the status of every email you have forwarded into your Umapped account using your API email address.  Please see here to learn more about forwarding official email confirmations.

Step 1: To find your API Email Activity, select the Dashboard tab and then scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Step 2: Each email you forward into Umapped using your API email address will be listed in the Email API Activity section as shown below.

Email Forward Status

Please see below to review the Email API Activity column headings:

Received On

The date Umapped received the email you forwarded to your API email address.

Email Subject

The subject line of the forwarded email. 

If the email was successful you will find the bookings listed under a Pending Trip with the same name as the email subject line


There are four statuses you could see: 

Successfully Parsed

Your bookings have been added to your trip!  

If you do not see the bookings in the trip, please check your Pending Trips to see if the email created a new trip. If there is a new trip with the bookings, please merge these bookings into the desired trip following these instructions.

The email is still being processed, please wait a few moments and come back to see the status of your email. 
Unsupported Format
The bookings were not successfully added to your trip. 
Please ensure the confirmation is automated and from a supported supplier

Please see here for more information on forwarding email confirmations.
Unrecognized Format
Please forward the original booking confirmation to for further investigation. 

Email Type

The type of integration we used to identify the email. 


Attachments from the email that were successfully added into Step 3: Documents of a trip. 

For further assistance please contact