Photos selected in Step 1. Trip Info as the cover photo for the trip, will appear differently on the PDF depending on the layout you have selected in your preferences.  

To choose your PDF layout, go to My Preferences. For more information, please see here

4 Different ways to showcase the trip cover photo

1. Layout 1 (Default)

The default layout offers a thin banner photo under the trip name at the top of the cover page. This cover page is designed to allow for bookings and content on the first page of the PDF. When a cover photo is selected in Step 1 of creating a trip, please note only the middle of this photo will be used in the banner. For this reason, we suggest choosing a landscape photo or a photo where the top and bottom can be cropped.

Both Layout 2 & 3 offer a large full page cover photo. Content and bookings will begin on the second page of the PDF when one of these two layouts is selected. The cover photo features a white banner across the photo so that the trip title is visible on any photo selected. We suggest choosing either Layout 2 or 3 when you want to display the full cover photo you have selected in Step 1.

When layout 4 is selected, the cover photo selected in Step 1 is not visible in the trip PDF.

**There is a cropping tool to change the original size of the photo in Step 1 of creating a trip, please see here for more information. After cropping the cover photo, note that the centre of the photo will still be used for the banner shaped cover photo in layout 1.

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