You are able to add a second logo to an itinerary if the following scenarios have been set up for your trip and/or account:

A. Collaboration

B. IC/Affiliate Branding

A. You have invited a trip collaborator

If you invite a 3rd party professional to collaborate on a trip with you, the collaborator is able to upload their logo into their account so that it can be selected during the Co-Branding set up of a trip. See here for information on inviting collaborators to your trip.

B. You are an IC with your own branding

If you have been set up with your own IC account in Umapped, you are able to select display your IC logo, your affiliate company's logo, or both!

How to select a brand in a trip

Step 1: In your trip, proceed to Step 5:Publish

Step 2: Click on the Share with Travel Professionals tab

Step 3: Under 'Co-Branding' select the logo(s) and contact information you would like to display for this itinerary

Step 4: Continue to Publishing the trip if it is ready to be sent out!

For further assistance please contact