You have been invited by a travel professional to collaborate on a trip in Umapped. 

There is no cost to collaborate on this shared trip; your invitation also includes a free trial for you to explore Umapped to manage new proposals and itineraries. 

Please review the follow 2 sections of this article:


A. Getting Started

B. Collaborating

A. Getting Started
You will receive an email invitation to collaborate on a trip.

Step 1: Log into your Umapped account.

Step 2: Upon login update your profile to add your contact information. 

Step 3: To update your profile, select your initials and then Profile.

Step 4: Add your logo.  If you see your Company tab, select it then edit your company.

(If you don't see Companycontact

Step 5: Upload your logo. 

Step 6: Trips shared with you can be found under Shared Trips in the Dashboard tab.

Step 7: Select the Edit button to see the trip.

B. Collaborating

1. Access Levels

2. Collaborating in your Shared Trip

1. Access Levels

Depending on your trip access level (determined by the creator of the trip,) you will have different editing capabilities for this Shared Trip. Reach out to the Trip owner directly if you require a different access level. (i.e. the person who invited you to collaborate on this trip). You can see the access level you have been granted.

Please review the following table for collaboration access levels.

Review the Trip

Add Additional Bookings

Add Additional Content

Publish the Trip to Travelers

Adjust Branding

Edit Content and Bookings





2.  Collaborating in your Shared Trip

Learn more about how you can collaborate by adding new bookings, content, branding - along with publishing to travelers and real-time communication with the trip creator and travelers.

1. Add Additional Bookings

2. Add Additional Content

3. Edit Content and Bookings

4. Publish the Trip to Travelers

5. Adjust Branding 

6. Access Messenger

1. Add Additional bookings  

Please select 2. Itinerary (as shown below) to add bookings. In step 2. Itinerary you can add any booking manually by selecting one of the following five options from the Add Bookings drop down menu. 

For more options on how to add bookings, please see instructions below:

  • Add the Booking - See full instructions on adding a booking here
  • Import from your GDS - Sabre, Worldspan, Apollo, Galileo You can import any/all records from your GDS using the record locator and last name on the booking.
  • Import from ClientBase - You can use the ClientBase Invoice Import to upload your CB Invoice PDFs into Umapped

To learn more about all the ways you can add and import bookings, click here

B. Add Additional Content 

Step 1: Please select 2. Itinerary (as shown below) to add any additional content, including notes, destination content or any unstructured descriptions outside of a specific booking. Select + Content and then Content Note

Step 2: Enter a Title and any content in the Note section and click Save. You can also enter a Date and Time for this new content if you would like it to appear on a specific date of the trip.

3. To add Photos, Videos or Links to the New Content, select the appropriate button and follow instructions. Then click Save.
**The ability to add photos, videos, and links will only be available once you have clicked Save after giving your Content note a Title.

C. Edit Existing Bookings and Content

You will only be able to edit existing bookings if you have been invited with  “Full Access”. From within Step 2. Itinerary, you can edit any content block or booking by selecting the pencil icon as shown below. If you do not see the pencil icon, it’s because you do not have editing privileges so would need to ask the Trip Owner to provide you with full control.

D. Adjust branding

If you have been given access to “Contribute and Publish” or “Full Access” you can send the trip off directly to travellers by following the instructions below: 

To manage co-branding of the itinerary, click on Share with Travel Professionals under step 5.Publish. From here, you can select which logo(s) and contact information you would like to display on the itinerary.

E. Publish the Trip to Travelers

If you have been given access to “Contribute and Publish” or “Full Access” you can send the trip off directly to travelers by following the instructions below: 

Step 1: Add Travellers by entering the Name and Email address of each individual traveling

Step 2: Select the blue button Add Traveler.

Step 3: Publish the Trip by selecting the green Publish Trip button. 

A window will pop-up where you can enter an optional Note to your travellers; this Note will appear in the email they receive. 

Step 4: Click Publish again to send the itinerary email to any listed Travelers.

If the green button says Re-publish:  As soon as a traveler is added, they will automatically receive the itinerary by email since the trip has already been Published.

If you edit a trip that has already been Published, make sure to Re-Publish the Trip

F. Access to Umapped Messenger

Use the Umapped Messenger to send and receive real-time messages with the Trip Creator and travellers. As a collaborator, you will have access to the general Trip Chat (where you can message travellers) and Collaborator chat (where you can message the trip creator and other collaborators.


Step 1: To open up the Messenger, you can select the notification icon in the top right of your Umapped account.

Step 2: Select the Messenger 'room', type in your message and click Enter!

Please note, if you have full control as a collaborator you will have access to all trip chats and will receive an email digest every 30 minutes if you have missed any messages from the travelers.

For further assistance please contact