Publishing the trip to your clients means they will receive a personalized, branded email that includes everything they need to access the 3 versions of the itinerary (Web, PDF and mobile). 

Before publishing your trip in Step 5. Publish, the status of the trip will remain as Pending.  There are three parts to sending the trip to your clients as outlined below. We strongly suggest reading this article in it's entirety. 

A. Adding Travellers

B. Publishing

C. Re-Publishing 

A. Adding Travellers

Adding your clients as travellers in Step 5. Publish means that when the trip is Published (see Part B) they will receive an email to access all 3 versions of their trip (Web Itinerary, PDF and mobile app).

Step 1: Add the traveler's first name, last name and email. 

Please note, you can add and remove them at any time. Removing them means they will no longer be able to access their trip. 

Step 2: To preview the email that will be sent to the travelers, please select Preview Email beside the traveler. From this email, they will be able to view the trip in three different formats: Web Itinerary, PDF Download, and in the Mobile App. For more information on these formats, please click here

**Add yourself as a traveller to receive a copy of the itinerary by email. This is a great way to review the trip from the clients perspective

B. Publishing

Publishing the trip means the trip is live and available to the travellers. The web itinerary will be generated, the PDF format will no longer be a draft and the trip will be available on the mobile app for all travellers (see part A). 

Step 1: Selecting Publish Trip means anyone listed as a traveler (as in Part A) will now receive an email outlining how to access their trip. 

Step 2: Once the trip has been published, you can see if your traveler has received their email, opened the email and clicked on the link through Umapped's email tracking feature. For more details on email tracking, click here

Step 3: You can always add travellers to a published trip. When a traveler is added to a published trip, they will receive an email about the trip immediately after selecting the Add Traveler button. 

C. Re-publish Trip

After you initially Publish a trip, it is important to Re-Publish the trip after any subsequent changes/edits. Re-Publishing a trip is what guarantees that changes will be visible on all 3 formats of the trip (Web, PDF and mobile versions) that your travellers have already received.

Each time you Re-Publish a trip, you are not sending a new version of the itinerary to your travellers, instead you are updating the version they already have!

Step 1: After you are done making changes and updates to a trip itinerary, proceed to Step 5. Publish and click the Re-Publish Trip button.

Step 2: A pop up screen will appear in which you have the choice to select either:

a. Do Not Send Notification Email to Travellers 

Clients will not receive an email from the system; they will notice the changes you have made the next time they visit their trips organically

b. Send Notification Email to Travellers

Clients will receive an email from the system so that they are prompted to view their itinerary right away

Your decision should depend on the nature of the change you have made! 

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