Forward email confirmations from suppliers you have booked directly with into your Umapped account to add to your trip. 

A. How Do I Import a Email Confirmation

B. I Can't See the Email Confirmation

Please see the attached list of all supported suppliers for email forwarding. 

A. How Do I Import an Email Confirmation


1. Forward the original email confirmation to

Reminder that the email address from which the confirmation email is sent must match the email in your Umapped profile.

Tip! For any bookings coming from an email not associated with a Umapped account, forward email confirmations to import+{username} For example, if your Umapped username is travelagent, forward the email confirmation to

2. In the Umapped Trip Publisher, go to the Booking Inbox tab under the Dashboard tab.


3. Select the booking email and click Add To Trip. You can choose to add the booking email to a new trip or an existing trip.

Please note it takes several minutes before your confirmation appears in the booking inbox.


B. I Can't See the Email Confirmation

Use the guidelines below to help determine why you are not seeing your email confirmation in your Umapped Booking Inbox.

Please note, if the confirmation you forwarded was unsupported or unrecognized (you can see the status of your emails in your (API Email Activity Dashboard), it will not appear in your Booking Inbox.

If your email confirmation was is support but you still do not see it in the Booking Inbox, see below:

1. Is the email confirmation from a supported supplier (source)?  

Please ensure the confirmation email was from one of the suppliers on the list attached.

2. Is the email you sent an automated confirmation that has not been altered?  

Anything forwarded from another email address, not automated from the supplier, includes any additional information (e.g. email signatures), or altered in any way (e.g. highlighting) may not work.

3. Is the email you sent for a future dated booking?

Only future dated bookings will appear in the Booking Inbox. Anything that has a past date will not display.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions, please contact