Step 1: In Step 2. Itinerary

Step 2: Select the + Add Bookings button 

Step 3Add a Flight

How to add booking details

A) Flight information

Enter in all flight details under the Add a Flight section (this will say Edit a Flight if the booking has already been added). 

**Please note, when entering the Airline Code & Flight #, ensure there are no spaces (as shown below).

This will make the flight register correctly in Umapped and allow flight changes/updates to be automatically made in the itinerary.

Incorrect Flight Code & Airline:


Correct Flight Code & Airline:

B) Travelers

You can add Travellers to the booking by selecting the + Add Traveler.  If you would like to add more than one traveler, simply select the +Add Traveler icon again and a new section will appear. Fill in all known details for each traveler and Save when complete. 

C) Additional Details

You can add any additional details/notes you would like in the Details section. The flight costs can be added under Pricing, and you can select +Add Line Item if there are any further details you'd like to include (such as the Cancellation policy). 

** Once you have filled in all details, select Save at the bottom of the bookings section. To go back to your main itinerary and review the booking, select the Back To Itinerary icon.

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