When adding bookings that cross the International Dateline, you can reorder your itinerary items to ensure they will appear in the correct order within your Umapped trips. 

How to re-order your bookings:

Step 1: In Step 2.Itinerary, add all bookings to your trip. All the bookings will appear on the date which they were added to.

Step 2: To reorder one of the bookings, select the pencil icon in the top righthand corner.

In the example below, the Bora Bora hotel is booked for Oct 21st and should be moved to appear following the flight on Oct 22nd.

Step 3: Within the edit screen of the booking, select to check-off the field outlining Display after the cross date line flight, then select Save.

Step 4: You will now see your bookings appear in the correct order of your itinerary.

For further assistance please contact support@umapped.com