Automatically import your TravelContact bookings into Umapped! 

**This integration is available to members of the Travel Pro plan.

Step 1: Company Set Up

If you are an existing TravelContact user, please reach out to your TravelContact rep for details and requirements of the integration. The Umapped Support Team will work with TravelContact to enable the integration for your company and you can then begin sending your bookings from TravelContact directly to your Umapped account.

The Umapped Support Team will reach out to you once the integration set up is completed and ready for you to use!

Step 2: Make your TravelContact bookings available in Umapped

Watch and follow this guide showing how to access your Umapped Web Itinerary from TravelContact, and how to edit and enhance your trips in Umapped!

Step 3: Use the Umapped Trip Publisher to enhance your clients' itinerary

Once logged in, you will be taken to your account Dashboard; this is where you can search for your TravelContact bookings:

  1. To quickly find a specific trip, enter in a Keyword search field in the My Trips section

  2. Once the trip has been found, click the Edit button on the right to access the itinerary details

Step 4: Enhancing Your Itineraries

A. Click on Step 2: Itinerary to see the booking details 

From here you can add additional bookings and content to the itinerary for your clients.

B. To learn more about adding additional bookings such as flights, hotels, transports or activities or to make updates and edits, you can watch our Introduction to Umapped webinar.


C. For helpful resources and guides, search our self-service online Support Portal for FAQs, tutorials and instructional guides at

For further assistance please contact