Travellers can communicate with one another and their agent directly in the mobile app while they travel! 

To learn more about the Messenger feature, follow the instructions below!

Step 1: Log into your mobile app using your credentials

Step 2: If a message has been sent to you, you will see a red notification in the top righthand corner of the home screen. There will also be a notification indicating the trip that has a message pending.


Step 3: Select the trip with the notification and you will see another notification in the Messages header. 

**This notification will indicate the number of messages you have pending. Every trip will have a separate chat room for each booking - you will also have a notification on the chat room where the message has been sent (as shown in the Trip Chat below). 

You can send a message in a booking chat room, or tap the Trip Chat room to send a general message. 


Step 4: You can then view the pending message, and write a response. 

**The initials at the top of the chat room indicate the individuals that are in the room at the same time. Once you have written your response, select Send.


For further assistance please contact