There are 3 ways to add photos to an itinerary

1. Search Library

2. Search Web

3. Upload

For further assistance on how to add photos to an itinerary, see the How to add photos solution.

Search Library

Photos can be found within the Umapped database

Step 1: Type in the keyword and select Search

Search Web

There are 2 ways to search the web for a photo

1. Search a website

  • Copy the site's address 
  • Enter a keyword (for example: photo, picture, gallery)
  • Click Search

2. Copy an image URL

  • Find an image on the internet
  • Right-click on the image and select Copy Image URL or Copy Image Address
  • Paste the URL into the Website field and click Search
  • The photo will appear below the Search button
  • Click the black circle in the top right corner of the image and select Upload Photo


Step 1: Select the Upload Photo Tab

Step 2: Click Choose Photos to Upload and then search for the image

Step 3: Click Upload