Creating your first trip takes minutes with the new Trip Publisher. Here's how to get started.

1. Create Trip.

  • Click the New Trip button in the top-right corner of your Dashboard.

2. Add details.

  • Give your Trip a name and select the dates (these can be changed anytime).
  • You can add Tags (optional) to make it easier to search for your trip at a later date.
  • Click Create Trip.

3. Select a cover photo.

  • Click the Photo icon placeholder image to select the background photo for your Trip.
  • You can select a photo from the Umapped library, search the web, or upload from your device.
    • We recommend using the Umapped or Wikimedia libraries as these images are free for commercial use.

Click on the cover photo at any time to select a new image, or click the Edit icon in the bottom right corner to edit the Trip Name, Dates, or Tags.

If you need further assistance, here's how to access more support.

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