If you use a GDS or CRM, you may be able to import your bookings or even integrate them with Umapped directly. Here are a few ways to connect these workflows.

1. Sabre LIVE/ClientBase Sync integration

  • If you or your company uses Sabre, you can contact Umapped to set up a Sabre LIVE integration. This is available even while using a free trial! Click here to learn more.
  • If you are set up with Sabre Live, bookings you place in your Umapped queue will be synced to your Booking Inbox automatically.
  • If you are set up with ClientBase Sync, your ResCards will sync to your Booking Inbox several times a day. Click here to learn more. 

2. Upload PNRs

  • Within a Trip or from your Dashboard, you can select Import Bookings on the left side of the Trip Publisher.
  • Enter your Record Locator and the passenger's last name, and select a GDS from the drop-down menu.

Please note, changes to PNRs added using the upload function will not sync automatically within your Trip. The only way to ensure booking updates sync automatically is to set up a Sabre LIVE or ClientBase Sync integration for your company (Apollo, Gallileo, and Worldspan integrations are not supported in the current version of Umapped). 

If you need further assistance, here's how to access more support.

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